Reflections Into
Marlborough's History
The Chapters (continued)
Chapter 9: Connecticut's First: The Story of Mary Hall
An in-depth look in the life and career of Mary Hall, including the genealogical link between Mary Hall and Marlborough's first families, her dedication to the helping young boys, and her educational background which gave her the title of Connecticut's first female attorney.

Chapter 10: Remnants of the Past
This chapter explores many of the remnants that have been forgotten only to be rediscovered hundreds of years later, such as old mile markers, stonewalls, stone foundations, wells, old property markers and much more.

Chapter 11: Cemeteries and Other Burial Grounds
Marlborough's four cemeteries and the people buried in them are listed in this chapter. There is also old burial grounds that have since been covered over.

Chapter 12: The Unspoken History
If you are interested in the dark side of Marlborough, this chapter will cover it. From strange occurances and crimes to unexplained deaths, this chapter will definitely amaze any reader.

Chapter 13: Marlborough Today
The final chapter provides details and statistics of Marlborough today demonstrating the changes that have ocurred throughout the last 350 years.