Reflections Into
Marlborough's History
The Chapters
Chapter 1: The Birth of a Small Town
Takes a quick look at the town's history from the 1600s and today. This chapter sets the stage for the entire book.

Chapter 2: Sadler's Ordinary
The life of John Sadler and his Ordinary (Inn) is detailed in this chapter. It also covers the area's first documented murder that took place at the Ordinary. Finally, the remnants of what is believed to be John Sadler's Ordinary is documented in photography.

Chapter 3: The First Families of Marlborough
A descriptive and genealogical look at the first seven families that lived in what is now Marlborough.

Chapter 4: The Roads of Marlborough
A detailed look on the many roads of Marlborough. From how they obtained their names to how they appeared in the early 1900s. This chapter also covers the infamous "Ten Curves".

Chapter 5: Historical Structures and Landmarks
A detailed look into the many historic homes and landmarks of Marlborough, who lived in them, and their historic significance.

Chapter 6: The Congregational Church
A detailed look into the history of Marlborough's Congregational Church and captured with old photography.

Chapter 7: The Marlborough Tavern
An amazing journey into the history of the Tavern, this chapter covers the tavern from the 1740s to today.

Chapter 8: The Mills
A look into the industrious era of Marlborough when over 10 mills were operating at the same time. This chapter also explores the remains of many mills that lay forgotten.